Why does my child need a diagnostic assessment?

Mathematical concepts build upon each other just like a house is built.  First you need a strong foundation before you can build the walls and add siding.  Before beginning a math course, there are certain skills required for a student to excel.  If a student is to begin Algebra 1 and does not understand the concept of order of operations (a skill taught in Math Course 1), this student will struggle until the missing gaps of understanding are filled.  Making sure the necessary building blocks are in place will help a student to build confidence.  I have found confidence to be a key factor in students excelling in mathematics.  Without this component, students are unfocused, lack desire, and ultimately, struggle to learn the material.

In a class situation, it is even more critical, as individual student time is limited.  If a student is taking a course and not fully understanding the material, both time and money are being wasted.  By testing students and making sure all of the necessary building blocks of learning are in place, students will excel in a classroom setting.  Taking the time to assess students is fully worth parents time and investment when it comes to enrolling a student in a math class.

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