About Mrs. Rickett

I was homeschooled kindergarten through ninth grade and attended private school in tenth and eleventh grade.  After graduating at the age of 16, I took classes at a small Christian college while still living at home my senior year of high school before transferring to Union University where I began school as a double major Computer Science and Mathematics.  As a freshman, I realized my desire was to teach math, so I changed my major to Education.

After marrying my husband, Robert Rickett, who has a math degree, I graduated from Union University in 2005 with a degree in Education and am certified to teach pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.  I taught sixth grade math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I in a public school for two years.  I then moved to a private school where I taught math for an additional two years to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders and an Algebra II course until my first child was born.  I now home school my two children in first and fourth grade.  My passion for teaching and love for math in the middle school and early high school range gives me a desire to instill in other students the love of mathematics that we share in our household.  If you choose to come sit around the Rickett table as we learn math together, I pray you will be blessed.



Proving math can be understood by anyone